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Dream All-American Bowl MVP: Phoenix Donghia

Phoenix Donghia is a running back from Florida. He played in the Dream All-American Bowl on June 12, 2022. Phoenix was also selected as captain for the grey team in the 7th/8th grade game.

Scouting Report: Phoenix is a physical back but has speed and is very agile. He hits the whole hard and has great vision. It takes multiple defenders to take him down.


Instagram : @phoenixdonghia - Twitter : @PhoenixDonghia What age were you when you first started playing? 8 years old

Why did you start playing? Who influenced you? I liked watching football on TV with my Dad, and couldn’t wait to start playing. My Dad influenced me to play football because he played. What did you enjoy about the combine, practice and the game during the Dream All-American Weekend? I enjoyed meeting my new teammates and learning from the coaches. It was a great experience playing at AT&T Stadium! What would your teachers say about you? They would say I’m thoughtful when speaking, and lead by my actions. What do you love about the game? Best game in the world, and it sure is fun! Who do you look up to? Christian McCaffrey Why should a college coach recruit you in the future? I’m talented, a hard worker, and a great teammate.


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