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Athlete Spotlight: AC Swadling | Wide Receiver | California

AC Swadling is a class of 2023 wide receiver from Faith Baptist High School in California.

Measurables: 6'1, 160lbs

Twitter Handle: Acswadling_

Instagram Name: a.c.swadling

Scouting Report:

  • Leader

  • Hard worker

  • Coachable

  • Solid tackler

Athletic or Academic Honors:

Academic honors:

  • Honor Roll 2020, 2021

  • All Merit Award for Outstanding Citizenship 2021

Athletic Honors:

  • All CIF First team Div 5 Football 2021

  • All CIF Div 5 Football 2020

  • All CIF First Team Div 5 Basketball 2020

  • All Heritage League Basketball 2019, 2020, 2021

Why did you start playing the game? Was it a person who influenced you? If so, who and how did they influence you? Football was something that looked interesting to me and I liked athletics. I loved the brotherhood of the team and the hard work it takes to be the best. I grew up watching Barry Sanders because my Dad is from Michigan. Watching him and the way he moved caught my attention. I also loved how he carried himself on and off the field. Because of him, I immediately hand the ball to the ref after a touchdown to show my respect to the game.

What are some of your personal and team goals this season? Our team goal is to repeat winning the State Championship. We won it last year and I would love to do it again our senior year. It would make the best memory ever! My personal goal is to have the opportunity to play D1 football and be a contributor for whichever school that may be.

What would your teachers say about you? My teachers would say that I am respectful and hard working, with a healthy amount of goofing around mixed in.

Who is your favorite player and why? Barry Sanders. I just love the way he carries himself on and off of the field. I admire his demeanor on the outside even though he’s a beast at heart.

Why should a college coach recruit you in the future? I am willing to sell out and be 100% involved in the university and team that I am on. If given the opportunity, I promise to prove it day in and day out. I will be the hardest worker in the program. I'm obsessed with football and chopping wood. I will give all of myself until I can’t give anymore.... then I will find a way to give more.

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