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Thomas Leader: A Leader By Example

Class of 2023

Height: 6'6

Weight: 175

Position: First Base | Pitcher

School: Queen Anne County High School

City: Chestertown

State: Maryland

The Scouting Report

He is excellent at first base. He has the ability to stretch out for the ball and get the out. He makes solid contact on the ball. He has a natural swing. He is a team player. He leads by example and shows great sportsmanship at all times."

In His Own Words

Hi my names is Thomas Leader. I feel I should be given the chance because I am hard working and motivated. I can also bring good energy to a team. I really enjoy the sport and I am always in the game and focused in it. I will always give you 100 percent effort. I am also a good learner and well at paying attention. I am a good teammate.

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