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Shala Nicole Ferrell: Tennessee Topgun AAU

Nurse in women's health

Manchester, Tennessee

What led you to building your own program?

I am a female and I have a strong desire to help build up young female athletes, to be independent and successful, not only in basketball, but life.

What are the biggest challenges and how do you overcome them?

"Finding a facility to hold practices."

Tell us about your program? What age groups and tournaments do you play in?

"We offer all age groups, but this is only our second year. Because of our success, we are having a lot of interest. "

Do have a system or style of play that you prefer?

"We are committed to competing at the highest level and maintain a team first and respectful attitude."

What do you consider a successful season?

"We look for growth as a player and person."

What quote do you look to for personal or team inspiration?

"Train not to blend in but to STAND OUT!"

Thank you for your time and we look forward to following your program!

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