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Bacari Jones: Xtreme Pressure Basketball Club Inc.


Tallahassee, Florida

What led you to building your own program?

Giving back to the community on what I’ve learned from my basketball experience and also giving kids a chance to learn the fundamentals of basketball.

What are the biggest challenges and how do you overcome them?

"My biggest challenge was Covid and trying to keep the kids in shape during quarantine."

Tell us about your program? What age groups and tournaments do you play in?

"Our age group ranges from 4th grade to 10th and we’re looking to expand."

Do have a system or style of play that you prefer?

"We play fast and aggressive!!!!"

What do you consider a successful season?

"We look for growth and development as a player and person."

What quote do you look to for personal or team inspiration?

"Eat, Grind, Shine!"

Thank you for your time and we look forward to following your program!

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