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Recruit Nation Spotlight: Announcing Payson Jones' Participation in Recruit Nation Columbia Showcase

Attention all football fans! The Recruit Nation showcase in Columbia, SC on April 7, 2024, will feature the talented Running Back Payson Jones from Seneca High School, South Carolina. Standing at 5’8” and weighing 178 pounds, Payson is known for his exceptional work ethic and powerful gameplay.

With a vision on the field that sets him apart, Payson has shown time and again that he can spot and exploit openings that others might miss. His coachable demeanor makes him a favorite among his coaches and a role model for his teammates.

Don't miss the opportunity to see Payson in action, where he will showcase his skills and demonstrate why he's one of the most promising Running Backs heading into the next season. Come and witness a player who embodies determination, skill, and the drive to succeed at the highest levels.

All participants receive a feature. Register today at

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