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Introducing Justis Clements, Point Guard, 2024 Dream Basketball Classic




FLORIDA — We are proud to announce Justis Clements will participate in the upcoming Dream Basketball Classic, June, 15-16, 2024, at IMG Academy. This event is not just another basketball tournament; it's a comprehensive showcase offering an array of skill-building and competitive activities, set in one of the nation's top basketball environments.

A Venue Steeped in Athletic Excellence

IMG Academy is renowned for its world-class facilities and a track record of nurturing sports talent. The academy's boys basketball team recently earned a top 10 spot in the ESPN SCNEXT rankings, underscoring the high level of play and coaching expertise that participants can expect to encounter.

Structure and Features: More Than Just a Game

The 2024 Dream Basketball Classic is meticulously structured to offer a holistic basketball experience, focusing on both skill enhancement and competitive play. The event's structure includes:

  • 5-on-5 Games: Full-court games to apply skills in a traditional team setup.

  • ​Skill Development Stations: Tailored drills and practice sessions to refine fundamental basketball skills.

  • All-Star Game: Featuring the top players of the event, highlighting the best of the best in a showcase game.

  • King of the Court: A challenging and engaging format that emphasizes individual skills and competitiveness.

  • Shooting Competition: A chance for players to showcase their shooting prowess.

  • Leadership Development: Sessions designed to build character and leadership qualities in young athletes.

Participants will not only engage in these activities but also benefit from features that enhance their visibility and future opportunities:

  • National Radar Event Coverage: Ensuring players’ performances are noticed by a broader audience, including scouts and media.

  • Dream Brand Uniforms: Adding a professional touch to the players' experience.

  • ​Online Player Profiles: Offering a digital platform for players to highlight their skills and stats.

  • ​All-Star Team and MVP Awards: Recognizing outstanding talents and performances during the event.

Committee leader and CEO of Dream Sports Group, Shannon Riley, says “the athletes that were selected have exemplified great leadership skills on and off the court, and have stood out as leading performers in their region. We believe that these are the next stars of the game, and we want to recognize them for their outstanding achievements and help them get to the next level.”

"Justis Clements, a high school sophomore standing at 6'2" and weighing 156 pounds, is an outstanding point guard known for his all-around game and leadership on the court. Justis is a great rebounder who excels in both outside and inside shooting, making him a versatile scoring threat. His excellent dribbling and court vision allow him to effectively orchestrate the offense and create opportunities for his teammates. Defensively, Justis is a solid defender and a formidable shot blocker, consistently challenging opponents and protecting the basket. His ability to create for others and his coachability further underscore his value as a team player. Justis’s relentless hustle and leadership qualities inspire and elevate the performance of his teammates. Justis's impressive achievements include six MVP Awards in AAU 2023-2024, four First Team Allstar Awards, the Defensive Player of the Year Award 2024, and recognition as an Academic Athlete of the Week. Additionally, he was named to the State Championship 1st Team and maintains an Honor Roll status, highlighting his dedication both on and off the court. Join us in supporting Justis Clements as he competes at the Dream Basketball Classic, showcasing his exceptional skills, determination, and sportsmanship. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this promising athlete in action and witness the future stars of basketball."

Dozens of student athletes from across the nation will be selected to play. Dream Sports Group congratulates him on this prestigious honor and once in a lifetime opportunity.

Visit if you are interested in competing in the event.

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