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Athlete Spotlight: Tristen Newsome Set to Shine at the Recruit Nation Chicago Showcase

Recruit Nation is pleased to announce that Tristen Newsome, a dedicated defensive back from North Side High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana, will participate in the highly anticipated College Prospect Showcase set for May 12, 2024, in Chicago, IL. Tristen, who is in the 2025 class, stands 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 145 pounds, embodying the agility and quickness essential for a defensive back. Renowned for his relentless work ethic and high football IQ, Tristen has consistently proven his capability to analyze and react to the dynamic nature of the game, earning him recognition as a player with exceptional on-field intellect and strategy.

Tristen's athletic prowess is matched by his swift speed and excellent vision, which allow him to anticipate the opponent's moves and react with precision—skills that are crucial in his position. His commitment to the sport and ability to quickly adapt and read the game make him a valuable prospect for college football programs. The Recruit Nation College Prospect Showcase presents a prime opportunity for Tristen to display his talents to scouts and coaches from across the nation, showcasing the skill set that makes him a standout defensive back and a promising player for the future.

Don’t miss the chance to compete at a Recruit Nation Showcase. All participants receive a feature. Register today at

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