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Athlete Spotlight: Trevor Davis set to Shine at the Recruit Nation Orlando Showcase

We are pleased to announce that Trevor Davis, a dynamic linebacker from Deltona High School in Florida, will be participating in the Recruit Nation College Prospect Showcase scheduled for January 21, 2024, in Orlando, FL. At 5 feet 7 inches and 165 pounds, Trevor has demonstrated the qualities of a natural leader on the field, coupled with an admirable work ethic. His high football IQ has been evident in his playmaking abilities, characterized by good speed, excellent hands, and remarkable lateral quickness. Trevor’s innate understanding of the game, paired with his good vision, makes him a formidable opponent and a defensive asset.

Trevor's dedication to football and his continuous drive for improvement have made him stand out as a 2026 prospect. He exemplifies what it means to be coachable, constantly seeking to refine his skills and understanding of the game. His participation in the upcoming showcase is an opportunity for him to display his talent and potential to a wider audience, including college scouts and coaches. With his comprehensive skill set and competitive spirit, Trevor Davis is poised to be one of the standout players to watch at the Recruit Nation College Prospect Showcase.

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