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Athlete Spotlight: Terrence Devon Pennamon II is Set to Shine at the Recruit Nation Atlanta Showcase

Recruit Nation proudly announces Terrence Devon Pennamon II, a dynamic defensive back from Stockbridge High School, as a participant in the upcoming College Prospect Showcase in Atlanta, GA, on March 17, 2024. With a height of 5’7” and a weight of 150 pounds, Terrence has already made significant strides in his high school career, demonstrating exceptional skills on the field. His achievements include being named the JV MVP for defense in 2022, multiple Scout Team Player of the Week accolades, and Special Teams Player of the Game during crucial matches like the playoffs Round-2 in 2022. Terrence's impact isn't limited to football; he was also recognized as the Most Improved Basketball Player for the 2022-2023 season at Stockbridge High School.

Terrence's athletic prowess extends back to his middle school days at Austin Road Middle School, where he was the Football MVP in 2020 and a captain of the basketball team that finished as championship runner-up. Notably, Terrence broke school records in the 4x100 relay and earned top placements in the HCMSAL Championships across various track events. His high football IQ, good speed, and excellent hands make him a valuable asset on the field, and his coachable nature suggests a bright future. As he showcases his talents in front of college scouts and coaches, Terrence is one to watch at the Recruit Nation event, where his athletic versatility and competitive spirit will shine.

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