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Athlete Spotlight: Samuel Harris Set to Shine at the Recruit Nation Starkville Showcase

Recruit Nation is proud to announce that Samuel Harris from West Harrison High School in Gulfport, MS, will be joining the lineup of promising young athletes at the College Prospect Showcase in Starkville, MS, on February 11, 2024. Samuel, a member of the 2025 class, stands at a solid 5’8” and weighs 180 pounds, is known for his role in the offensive line where he demonstrates a blend of power and agility that is rare for players of his age. His hard work and dedication to the sport are evident in every play, making him a standout performer during games.

Samuel's athletic profile is not just about brute strength; it is complemented by good speed that defies the typical expectations for an offensive lineman, allowing him to execute plays with both force and finesse. His coachable nature means he is a player who listens, learns, and continuously improves, making the most of the guidance provided by his mentors. With such a powerful combination of attributes, Samuel is expected to be a major draw for college scouts looking for a versatile and dynamic offensive line talent at the Recruit Nation Showcase.

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