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Athlete Spotlight: Ray Crudup is Set to Shine at the Recruit Nation Charlotte Showcase

We are thrilled to announce that Ray Crudup, a standout linebacker from Franklinton High School, will be showcasing his talents at the upcoming Recruit Nation College Prospect Showcase. Set to take place in Charlotte, NC, on March 24, 2024, this event promises to be a significant opportunity for college hopefuls. Ray, a Class of 2025 prospect, has already made a name for himself with his impressive performance on the field. At 5'8" and 225 pounds, his achievements include being named to the 2023 All-Conference team, excelling in honor classes, and demonstrating remarkable leadership and work ethic.

Ray's profile as a player is marked by a combination of high football IQ, good speed, excellent hands, and outstanding lateral quickness, which allows him to excel in his linebacker position. His vision on the field, coachability, high motor, and powerful build make him a formidable presence on any defense. Ray's dedication to the sport is evident not only in his physical abilities but also in his strategic understanding and quick adaptation to the game's dynamics. His participation in the Recruit Nation College Prospect Showcase is eagerly anticipated by scouts and coaches alike, who are keen to see his skills in action against some of the best high school talent in the nation.

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