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Athlete Spotlight: Lori Servin is Set to Shine at the Recruit Nation Volleyball Showcase

Lori Servin, hailing from Esteban Torres High School, is set to take the court at the Recruit Nation Volleyball College Prospect Showcase in the Southwest Regional, Los Angeles, CA. As a setter, Lori has demonstrated exceptional skill and versatility. Standing at 5’4” and weighing 195 pounds, she brings a combination of coachability, hard work, and agility that make her a valuable asset to her volleyball team. Her quickness and high volleyball IQ allow her to orchestrate her team's offense effectively, setting up plays that capitalize on her teammates' strengths. Moreover, Lori's service game is formidable, often giving her team an edge with her consistent and strategic serves.

The 2027 prospect is known not just for her athletic talent but also for her ability to lead and enhance team dynamics through her playmaking abilities. Her dedication to improvement and receptiveness to coaching suggest that she will continue to elevate her game and make significant contributions on the court. The showcase will be an excellent opportunity for Lori to display her prowess as a setter to college scouts looking for a player with a strong foundation in the fundamentals and the potential to grow into an even more impactful player at the collegiate level.

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