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Athlete Spotlight: Mac'Kenzi White is Set to Shine at the Recruit Nation Volleyball Showcase

We are excited to welcome Mac'Kenzi White to the Recruit Nation Volleyball College Prospect Showcase, set to take place in the South Regional in Mansfield, TX. A dynamic setter from Centennial High School, Mac'Kenzi is expected to graduate in 2027. At 5'4" and 130 pounds, she brings agility, a high volleyball IQ, and exceptional serving skills to the court. Her coachability and work ethic have consistently distinguished her as a standout player throughout her volleyball career.

Mac'Kenzi's notable performance at the Lady Lions Classic 2023, where she was honored as the Junior Varsity Most Valuable Player, underscores her prowess and potential. Her contributions were instrumental in leading her team to victory, showcasing her ability to excel under pressure and play a pivotal role in her team’s success. As Mac'Kenzi steps into the spotlight at this prestigious showcase, her quickness, strategic playmaking, and leadership qualities are anticipated to catch the eye of college scouts looking for top-tier talent.

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