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Athlete Spotlight: Kamare Matthews | Wide Receiver | Georgia

Kamare Matthews is a class of 2026 wide receiver from Spalding High School in Georgia.

Measurables: 5'9 160

Twitter Handle: @Officiallslide

Instagram Name: @Officiallslide

Scouting Report:

  • High Football IQ

  • Excellent Hands

  • Good Speed

  • Hard Worker

Why did you start playing the game? Was it a person who influenced you? If so, who and how did they influence you? I had love for the game at an early age and I wanted play it and pursue greatness.

What are some of your personal and team goals this season? I just want to be a good role player while helping my team to be better each day.

What would your teachers say about you? My teachers would say I am a hard worker and dedicated to getting the job done.

Who is your favorite player and why? Lamar Jackson is my favorite player. He has excellent decision making skills as a quarterback and he is always involving the team even though he has the ability to run the ball.

Why should a college coach recruit you in the future? I will bring a lot energy and determination to the team. I will also be open to be coached. There is so much more to learn and the college coaches can teach me how to be the best player I can be.

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