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Athlete Spotlight: Jaquan Lizana set to Shine at the Recruit Nation Starkville Showcase

The Recruit Nation College Prospect Showcase in Starkville, Mississippi, will be graced by the presence of McComb Highschool's quarterback prodigy, Jaquan Lizana, on February 11, 2024. Standing 6 feet tall and weighing 160 pounds, Jaquan, hailing from Mississippi and part of the 2026 graduating class, is set to display his prowess as a quarterback to scouts from across the country. Known for his leadership and high football IQ, Jaquan is anticipated to be one of the most promising players at the event, demonstrating his command of the field and his potential to play at the collegiate level.

Jaquan's skills as an accurate passer and his coachable attitude make him an exceptional prospect for college football programs. His ability to read defenses and deliver precise throws under pressure highlights his technical proficiency and mental toughness. With his natural leadership qualities and a clear vision for the game, Jaquan Lizana is sure to capture the attention of many at the Recruit Nation College Prospect Showcase, setting the stage for a bright future in football.

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