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Athlete Spotlight: Adin Benson is Set to Shine at the Recruit Nation Sacramento Showcase

We are thrilled to announce that Adin Benson from Modoc High School will be demonstrating his formidable skills on the defensive line at the Recruit Nation College Prospect Showcase in Sacramento, CA, on April 21, 2024. Adin’s impressive stature at 6’4” and 250 pounds is matched by his academic achievements, boasting a 4.1 GPA as an honor roll student engaged in honors classes. His athletic dedication is equally notable, being a versatile four-sport varsity athlete. In 2023, Adin was celebrated as the MVP Varsity lineman, runner-up for League MVP Lineman, and selected for the All-League and All-Section Gridiron Elite team—a testament to his impact on the field.

As a leader and a hard worker, Adin’s presence in the trenches is not just about strength but also about strategy; his good vision allows him to read the offense effectively, making him a powerful force in disrupting plays. His all-around performance and commitment to excellence in sports and academics set a high bar. Coaches and scouts in attendance will surely be keeping a close eye on Adin, as his combination of physical prowess, academic intelligence, and leadership qualities make him a prime candidate for any collegiate program looking for a player who can contribute immensely to their team’s success.

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