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[Video Breakdown] Austin Knowles, Wide Receiver from Medina, OH

Medina, OH - Austin Knowles, a 6'0" wide receiver hailing from Medina, Ohio, is a standout talent in the class of 2024. His ability to run precision routes sets him apart from many of his peers, allowing him to consistently find separation from defenders. Complementing his route-running prowess, Knowles possesses great hands, ensuring that he rarely drops a pass thrown his way. His speed is another notable attribute, enabling him to stretch the field and turn short gains into big plays.

One of his most impressive traits is how he attacks the ball at its highest point, often out-jumping defenders to make a play. This skill is evident in his impressive tally of 17 touchdowns so far this season. With his combination of size, skill, and athleticism, Knowles is poised to be a dominant force on the field. Any team would be fortunate to have such a promising talent on their roster.

Story by Greg Easterbrook - Nation Radar Scout

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