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The National Radar Basketball Top 100 Watchlist

The National Radar has released it's Top 100 Watchlist for the 2023/24 season. These athletes has all been evaluated by college coaches and National Radar Scouts. They have a chance to solidify their standing as a Top 100 player by attending a Recruit Nation Regional Showcase this fall.

The showcase will be run by college coaches. The coaches will instruct and evaluate all players. Their feedback will be welcomed as the National Radar Scouting Team makes the selections. Those who are selected as Top 100 will have their recruiting information shared to the Dream Sports Group network off college programs. They will also have a chance to earn Dream Gear and Brand Ambassador deals. The showcase will have the following:

👑King/Queen of the court in 1on1

🎯3 Point Shootout

🏀5-on-5 Competition

🏅Skill Evaluation Stations

Register at to be added to the Top 100 Watchlist!

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