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National Radar Athlete Spotlight: TJ Hodges - Marked Tree, AR

TJ Hodges is one of the top running backs in the class of 2026. He attends Marked Tree High School in Arkansas. He is a complete back. He has speed , quickness , power and hands. When he is in the open, he prides himself in not being caught once he breaks through. Between the tackles, his quickness and power shocks a lot of people. He can be elusive or run through tacklers. He has wide receiver hands, making him a threat out the backfield. National Radar was able to catch up with TJ and ask him about his season and his goals.

What do you enjoy most about playing the running back position?

At running back, I can impact the offense on all three levels. I can showcase my speed and strength in the run game. I also get showcase my hands and route running in the pass game. I am also a great blocker in the run game when I’m not the ball carrier and I can stand in and protect my QB when I’m not involved in the pass game.

How do you prepare both physically and mentally for a game? Are there certain foods you eat? Music you listen too? Do you watch film on the opponents?

I listen to gospel music , eat fruit and I watch film a week or 2 before playing a game

What is your career high in rushing in a game? Can you describe a memorable play where you made a significant impact?

My highest rushing yards was 280 , I hit the hole and I ran my opponent over and carried 2 people on my back for 5 yards and hit the side line to go score.

How do you adjust your running style based on the defensive formations you're facing? Before the snap I take a look at the defense to see which hole may be open. After the ball is snapped I I just react. If I can hit it full speed I do but if I have to be patient and then explode I do that. Once I hit the hole I usually read the linebacker to know if I need to make cut or can I just turn it on and go get 6.

What are your personal goals as a running back, and how do they align with the team's objectives?

I like to make every play count. I try to hit every hole at the right time and gain as many yards as I can each play. If I can do that it put us in a good position to do great things in other areas.

Playing college ball is a blessing no matter the level. Are there any programs that have shown interest? What are a few of your dream schools?

I haven’t gotten much interest yet. My dream schools are LSU & Alabama, but I will be thankful for any opportunity I get to further my education and play at the next level.

What were some take aways from the Dream All-American Bowl that you have applied to your game this year?

Don’t false step when you are getting the ball in the back field. No wasted motion has been big for me.

Why should a college coach take a chance on you and offer you a scholarship?

I am a leader on and off the field. I give my all every snap of the ball. I have the hunger to get better and learn more. I’m not a liability on the field or in the classroom. I make sure I do what I’m supposed to do and then some. So adding me to their team I will only be an asset. I can add speed, power, and the will to win to the running back room. I love to compete and get better.

The National Radar looks forward to following TJ's career. He will be a top recruit in the next few years!



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