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Marco Washington: Unknown Talent

Director of Operations

Silver Spring, Md

What lead you to building your own program?

I was watching programs and they were doing daddy ball showing favoritism to their child.

What are the biggest challenges and how do you overcome them?

"The biggest challenge is funding the program and getting gym time with all the larger programs in the area."

Tell us about your program? What age groups and tournaments do you play in?

"We do 7-17yrs old. Our 14-17u travels the east coast to different tournaments and place them at tournaments that will have college coaches and Ballertv or other network broadcasting."

Do have a system or style of play that you prefer?

"We try and teach all types of playing styles because we know that the kids aren’t going to be kids forever. We teach them the ability to learn basketball not just how to play. When a kid out grows our program, we proudly support them in their person growth knowing that we have prepared them for the next step in the process of basketball development."

What do you consider a successful season?

"Player growth, both mentally and physically. To watch a kids confidence grow is our major keepsake."

What quote do you look to for personal or team inspiration?

"There are 2 ways to learn, the easy way or the hard way. You can beg for what you want or you can just go get it but it’s completely up to you. I got your back no matter what decision you make."

Thank you for your time and we look forward to following your program!

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