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Lane Lyda is committed to attend the 2024 Dream National Combine in AT&T Stadium

Lane Lyda, an Offensive Lineman from Summer Creek High School in Humble, Texas, has just announced his attendance at the Dream National Combine. This prestigious event is set to take place on January 14 and 15, 2024, at the iconic AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys.

At 6'0" and 230 pounds, Lyda is a towering presence on the field. As a class of 2026 player, he has already shown tremendous potential and promise. Not only does he bring size and power to the game, but his commendable GPA of 3.2 is a testament to his dedication and discipline off the field as well.

Lyda's prowess on the field is defined by his hardworking nature, coachability, and powerful playing style, all complemented by his nimble footwork. His well-rounded skills and attributes make him a valuable player and an asset to any team.

The Dream National Combine is the perfect platform for Lane to showcase his talents and make a lasting impression. The first day of the event, known as MEDIA DAY, promises an exciting lineup of activities aimed at providing the players with maximum exposure. From taking multiple pictures to commemorate their participation, to engaging in video interviews and written articles posted on National Radar, the participants are sure to revel in the limelight.

Additionally, the aspiring athletes will have the unique opportunity to gain insights from Dream Scouting Network Scouts during the Recruiting Seminar, where they will learn about the "must-dos" in recruiting. The NIL Workshop will further delve into the possibilities of securing a Dream Brand Ambassador Deal and a potential NIL Deal.

But that's not all! The participants will also have the rare chance to rub shoulders with former NFL and College stars during the Meet and Greet session, as well as interact with college coaches in the College Coach Roundtable. This direct interaction will provide valuable insights into what college coaches seek in prospective student-athletes, thereby enhancing their prospects for the future.

With such an exciting lineup of activities and the opportunity to perform in front of the most discerning eyes in football, the Dream National Combine is indeed the perfect stage for Lane Lyda to shine and take his football career to new heights.

Visit to register for the Dream National Combine.

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