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Introducing 2024 Dream All-American Linebacker, Damian Tavares




Damian Tavares to play in the 2024 Dream All-American Bowl

Damian Tavares was nominated and accepted into the 2024 Dream All-American Bowl. After rigorous review from the committee, the top athletes were invited to play in the exclusive all-star game and participate in a weekend long event of developmental activities and performance on a nationwide platform. Dream All-American Bowl showcases the nation’s best high school and middle school athletes. Participation allows players to learn from some of the best teachers of the game, former NFL players, college and high school coaches.

SoFi Stadium - December 29, 2023

AT&T Stadium - January 15, 2024

Committee leader and CEO of Dream Sports Group, Shannon Riley, says “the athletes that were selected have exemplified great leadership skills on and off the field, and have stood out as leading performers in each position. We believe that these are the next stars of the game, and we want to recognize them for their outstanding achievements and help them get to the next level.”

"Damian isn't just playing linebacker; he's reading offenses like a seasoned pro. He adjusts alignments on the fly to counter offensive formations, sniff out misdirection plays with a keen sense of anticipation, and create opportunities for the defense with an understanding of the game that's beyond his years. This, combined with his speed and tackling skills, make him the total package. We are excited to see him display his talents in Los Angeles, CA!"

We received over 10,000 nominations and he is 1 of 360 student athletes from across the nation selected. Dream Sports Group congratulates him on this prestigious honor and once in a lifetime opportunity.

For more details about the 2024 Dream All-American Bowl, visit

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