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Geordan Battle, 2023 Dream Basketball Classic Review

Geordan Battle was nominated and accepted into the 2023 Dream Basketball Classic. He was a dominant force on both ends of the court in the middle school division of the Dream Basketball Classic. He played solid defense and hit the boards. He scored in the paint and at the midrange level. The scouts were impressed with his court awareness and hustle.

Geordan enjoyed the event saying, "What an amazing experience! To be surrounded by so many talented athletes and to gain so much exposure was phenomenal. The high level of competition helped Geordan not only elevate his basketball skills and earn a 3-Star Rating, but also provided him direct insight into the world of high intensity college basketball. This will be experience to cherish for years to come. We are looking forward to Dream Basketball Classic 2024."

Committee leader and CEO of Dream Sports Group, Shannon Riley, says “Geordan is a complete player. He gets it done on offense and defense. He was a leader on the court, setting the tone with his aggressive play. He is a future star of the game and we look forward to seeing him at future events."

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