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Duane Clarke: Winchester Wolfpack

Offensive Coordinator

Winchester, Va

What led you to building your own program?

I’ve been a coach for 8 yrs. I’ve been around the game my entire life. I wanted to give back to the youth in my community.

What are the biggest challenges and how do you overcome them?

"Learning how to be effective in communicating and teaching the proper foundation of the game. Also using the game I love as a platform to prepare young kids to be men of character."

Who impacted your coaching career?

"My Father. He was a youth coach for 25+ years and I watched him teach the foundation of the game. I saw him pick up kids, feed them and help guide them in life."

Do have a system or style of play that you prefer?

"As an OC, my playbook is like the color wheel with multiple flavors depending on the opponent."

What do you consider a successful season?

"Our group of kids experience teamwork, problem solving by fire. They work hard with maximum effort every play, every day. Building character and trusting the process to succeed."

What quote do you look to for personal or team inspiration?

"#packstrong.. #packtight.."

Thank you for your time and we look forward to following your program!

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