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Athlete Spotlight: Torance Washington Jr. | Receiver | New York

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Torance Washington Jr. is a class of 2023 receiver from Webster Schroeder High School in Rochester, New York.

Measurables: 5'10 160

Scouting Report: Torance has excellent hands. He attacks the football in the air. He has good speed and quickness. He understands how to get open in zones. He runs good routes versus man.

  • Hold a 3.7 GPA

  • Urban League Black Scholar

  • Holds the school record for most receiving yards in a single game

  • 2nd all time in receiving yards for a single game in Section V football in Rochester, NY.

"My parents gave me the opportunity to try all sports when I was younger and I gravitated towards the game of football. It became a passion of mine to the point where all I could do was think about the game."

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