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Athlete Spotlight: Shenaida Rene | Guard | Florida

Shenaida Rene is a Guard from Fort Lauderdale High School in Florida.

Measurables: 5'9 165

Twitter Handle: @Shaedislim

Instagram: @Slim._shaedi

Scouting Report:

  • Good range on jumpshot

  • Good passer

  • Coachable

  • Good ball handler

  • Good defender

Athletic or Academic Honors:

A member of the National Society Of High School Scholars (NSHSS). She was awarded student athlete in the district for averaging a 4.0 gpa while playing all sports and announced "Ms. Athletic" in 2019.

Why did you start playing the game? Was it a person who influenced you? If so, who and how did they influence you? In elementary school a teacher/coach told me to get a basketball and just dribble it. I didn’t have one at the time but I knew my uncle would go to the park and play. Some days I would go and watch from the swings but the love I have for basketball didn’t start until I officially started playing in 6th grade. I was not very good when I started because I was new to the game, but that’s what made me want to go harder. I wanted to be the best, so I got a ball and practiced day and night on the tennis court. A former coach noticed that I was out there everyday wanting to get better and gifted me a Spaulding basketball. Since then, I really knew that this is what I want to do.

What are some of your personal and team goals this season?

This season, my goal for the team is to be district champions. I want set a great foundation for the following year and have my school be recognized as somewhere great. My personal goal for this season is to be the best shooter. With this being my last year playing high school basketball, I want to be well-rounded in every aspect of the game so that I can be the best for me and my teammates.

What would your teachers say about you? My teachers would say that I am hard working, I get in class and get the job done. I am an excellent student and realizable teammate when it comes to group work. For the teachers that know I play basketball, they would say that I’m one of the best players and would even come to the games and watch.

Who is your favorite player and why? My favorite basketball player is my uncle. My uncle doesn’t play professionally but he is my favorite because he never forgets to have fun. I love the stories he tells me about “dropping off” people on the court, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your teammates and how all the different plays they make always have the defenders confused. He gives me great advice and life lessons, both on and off the court. I love my uncle and that’s why he’s my favorite player.

Why should a college coach recruit you in the future? A college coach should recruit me in the future because I am well-rounded. I am a leader and willing to learn and grow with every opportunity given. I love every aspect of the game and I love the bonds throughout. I'm a guard who gets my teammates involved with great passes and communication but also a guard who is not afraid to take a smart shot or drive up strong.

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