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Athlete Spotlight: Ruben Gomez set to Shine at the Recruit Nation Phoenix Showcase

We are excited to announce that Ruben Gomez, a promising young talent from Mica Mountain, will be showcasing his skills at the Recruit Nation College Prospect Showcase in Phoenix, AZ, on February 25, 2024. As a running back with a strong work ethic, Ruben has consistently demonstrated his determination and commitment to the sport. At 5’8” and 178 pounds, he has proven to be a dynamic force on the field, combining his physical power with exceptional agility.

Ruben's attributes go beyond his physical prowess; his excellent hands and good vision make him a versatile threat to any defense. His ability to read the game and make quick decisions is impressive for his age and speaks volumes about his potential at the collegiate level. Known for his powerful running style, he can break tackles and accelerate through openings with remarkable efficiency. Ruben’s dedication to the sport and his physical capabilities make him an outstanding candidate for college scouts and coaches to consider at the upcoming showcase.

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