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Athlete Spotlight: Kenan Smith is Set to Shine at the Recruit Nation Charlotte Showcase

We are thrilled to announce that Kenan Smith, a standout defensive lineman from Scotland High School in North Carolina, will be attending the upcoming Recruit Nation College Prospect Showcase in Charlotte, NC, on March 24, 2024. At 6'3" and weighing 190 pounds, Kenan has demonstrated not only immense talent on the field but also exceptional academic achievements, including receiving the Principal's Award, maintaining an A Honor Roll status, and being an active Beta Club member. His commitment to excellence both in sports and academics sets a remarkable example for aspiring student-athletes.

Kenan is known for his leadership qualities, hard work, and coachability, traits that make him a valuable asset to any team. His participation in the showcase is eagerly anticipated by coaches and scouts looking for top-tier talent and individuals who exemplify strong character and dedication. As a member of the 2027 graduating class, Kenan has a bright future ahead, and this event represents a significant opportunity for him to showcase his skills on a larger stage. We look forward to seeing Kenan in action and are excited to support him in taking this next step in his athletic and academic career.

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