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Athlete Spotlight: Jabari Holmes set to Shine at the Recruit Nation Orlando Showcase

We are excited to announce that Jabari Holmes, a young and talented wide receiver from Power Home School in Florida, will be attending the Recruit Nation College Prospect Showcase in Orlando, FL, on January 21, 2024. Jabari has already made a significant impact on the field, despite being part of the class of 2028. Standing at 5'6" and weighing 125 pounds, he was named MVP on his 8th grade youth football team, the Lakeland Storm, showcasing his skill and competitive spirit early on. His recognition includes an invite to the RNR top 100 camp and selection for the AUG Polk County 14U all-star football team, confirming his status as a rising star in the sport.

Jabari's commitment to the game is evident in his work ethic and coachability, traits that have undoubtedly contributed to his early successes. His good speed and excellent hands make him a formidable threat on offense, capable of making crucial plays when it matters most. As he prepares to take the stage at the showcase, Jabari is poised to not only display his talents but also to gain invaluable experience competing among some of the best young athletes. His dedication and potential make us confident that he will be a standout player to watch at the Recruit Nation College Prospect Showcase.

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