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Athlete Spotlight: J.noah Mora Set to Shine at the Recruit Nation Houston Showcase

Recruit Nation is pleased to introduce J. Noah Mora at the upcoming College Prospect Showcase in Houston, TX, on April 28, 2024. As a dedicated athlete in the 2028 class, Noah stands at 5'7 and weighs 135 pounds, bringing a strong presence to the wide receiver position. His reputation as a hard worker with good speed and excellent hands precedes him, making him a highly anticipated player to watch at the showcase. Noah’s coachable attitude and strong arms contribute to a powerful play style that has become his signature on the field.

Noah's commitment to the sport will be on full display as he seizes this opportunity to demonstrate his capabilities to college scouts and coaches. His ability to execute plays with precision and his agility to create space and make significant gains are the exact skills that can set him apart in a competitive field. The showcase in Houston will be a critical platform for Noah to not only show his talent but also to connect with programs that recognize his potential to excel at a collegiate level.

All participants receive a feature. Register today at

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