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Athlete Spotlight: Isaiah Owes is set to Shine at the Recruit Nation Southeast Regional Showcase in FL

Join us in welcoming Isaiah Owes, a promising point guard from Winthrop College Prep Academy in Riverview, Florida, as he takes to the court at the Recruit Nation College Prospect Showcase at Webber International on March 23, 2024. Isaiah, part of the 2027 graduating class, stands at a nimble 5'4" and weighs 110 pounds. His remarkable court awareness and high basketball IQ make him a notable player to watch.

Isaiah's mastery of the game is evident in his excellent ball handling and pinpoint passing, skills that mark him as a natural playmaker. In addition to facilitating plays, he's a threat from beyond the arc with his long-range shooting ability. His talent, matched with a strategic approach to the game, indicates a player with a strong foundation and a high ceiling for growth. The showcase is an excellent opportunity for Isaiah to display his proficiency and potential to scouts and coaches looking for a point guard with both vision and scoring capability.

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