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Athlete Spotlight: Grayson Barbee is Set to Shine at the Recruit Nation Dallas Showcase

We are excited to welcome Grayson Barbee from Acellus Academy, Texas, to the Recruit Nation College Prospect Showcase on May 19, 2024, in Dallas, TX. Grayson, a 5'8", 215-pound offensive lineman, will be showcasing his talents as part of the class of 2028. Renowned for his speed, strength, and powerful presence on the line, Grayson also brings a strategic advantage to his game with his ability to be coached and adapt his techniques. His background in UIL social studies competition showcases his intellect and capability to balance both academic and athletic commitments.

Grayson's skills on the field, combined with his coachability and strong arm, make him a promising prospect for college scouts attending the showcase. His commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of his play, and his physical attributes complement his strategic understanding of the game. This event will provide him a platform to demonstrate his prowess and potentially secure attention from top college programs. We are eager to see how Grayson will leverage this opportunity to highlight his abilities and make significant strides in his athletic career.

Don’t miss the chance to compete at a Recruit Nation Showcase. Register today at

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