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Athlete Spotlight: Elijah Elibert | Running Back | Georgia

Elijah Elibert is a class of 2027 Running Back from Woodward Acadamy in Georgia.

Measurables: 5'2 110

Twitter Handle: ElijahElibert25

Instagram: Lightn_25

Highlight Video:

Scouting Report:

  • Leader

  • Hard worker

  • Good speed

  • Good vision

Athletic or Academic Honors:

4.0 GPA Golden Eagle award for straight A's from 2020-2022

DAR award for leadership, Citizenship, and Character in 2021

Leadership Merit award in 2022

Played and started in the DMAXX All American game in 2019, Brandon Jacobs All Star game in 2021, and the FBU All Star game from 2020-2022

Competed in the Jr Olympics for Track and Field in the 100m dash 4x100m relay and 4x400m relay in 2021

Earned 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo at the age of 6 in 2015

What did you enjoy about the combine and coaches? I really had an amazing experience at the combine. I was grateful and thrilled to be able to showcase my talents in front of all the coaches. On top of that, practicing in Sofi stadium was life changing. Being able to practice on the field that the Superbowl was played on was a dream come true. It was amazing to work with coaches on the staff who had so much knowledge of the game. I got insight on my position that I will never forget.

What would your teachers say about you? During the 2021 school year I received the DAR award for leadership, character, and citizenship. This award is the highest honor you can receive at my academy. It is only given to one male and one female each year. The special thing about this award is that you must nominated by your teachers. Out of the entire school, my teachers believed I was the one who embodied these characteristics the most.

What do you love about the game? Who do you look up to on and off the field? I love the brotherhood of the game the most. When you're on a team, especially one that has been together for a long time, you tend to feel this overwhelming sense of friendship and togetherness- that feeling of knowing your brothers have your back both on and off the field is the best part of the game for me.

A person who I really look up to is my mother. My mom is a business owner and a great leader. I watch her and pay attention to her even when she doesn't think I am. Every day I see how hard she and my dad work to help put me through school and fund my sports. Although my dad is the one who pushes me more and has always been my best coach, my mother is and has always been my #1 fan.

Why should a college coach recruit you in the future? A college coach should recruit me because I am more than just an athlete. I only put 3 things in front of football: God, my parents and school. Academics have always been important to me. Maintaining a 4.0 GPA while putting 100% on the football field has not been easy. I am able to balance sports and academics. Also, I would bring a great image to their school. I have proven leadership ability, good character, excellent grades, and football ability. I am the total package. I work hard to continuously improve upon my talents and skills on the field and my intellectual progress in the classroom. My parents taught me to look at life as though my cup is half-full and each day I must fill it with hard work and the passion of reaching my goals.


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