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Athlete Spotlight: Da'Mariyon Dye-Allen set to Shine at the Recruit Nation Dallas Showcase

Recruit Nation is proud to welcome Da'Mariyon Dye-Allen, a multi-sport standout from Killeen, to our College Prospect Showcase on January 13, 2024, in Dallas, TX. Da'Mariyon, a student at Palo Alto Middle School and an expected high school graduate in 2028, brings a unique blend of athleticism and leadership to the gridiron. At 6’0” and 152 pounds, he plays wide receiver with a powerful style that makes him an exciting player to watch. His involvement in football is complemented by his participation in basketball and track, sports that contribute to his agility and competitive edge on the football field.

Da'Mariyon's athletic talents are matched by his strong character traits; he is recognized as a leader with a high football IQ, qualities that set the stage for his role as a team player and a strategic thinker during games. His ability to understand and anticipate game dynamics makes him a valuable asset to any team, and his physical strength adds to his effectiveness in making plays. We are thrilled to have such a multifaceted athlete at our showcase and look forward to seeing how Da'Mariyon's blend of sportsmanship, intelligence, and power translates on the field, where he will have the opportunity to impress college scouts and coaches.

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