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Athlete Spotlight: Cortland Miller is Set to Shine at the Recruit Nation Kansas City Showcase

Cortland Miller, a promising quarterback from Missouri, will be showcasing his talents at the Recruit Nation College Prospect Showcase in Kansas City on June 9, 2024. Representing Liberty North High School, Cortland stands at 6'0" and weighs 174 pounds. He is known for his strong arm, accuracy, and good speed, which make him a formidable presence on the field. His hard-working nature and coachability have earned him respect from his coaches and peers alike.

Cortland's ability to make precise passes and read defenses effectively sets him apart as a quarterback. His dedication to the sport and continuous improvement have positioned him as a key player for his team. As he prepares to attend the showcase, Cortland is eager to demonstrate his skills to college scouts, hoping to secure opportunities to play at the next level. With his strong arm, accuracy, and leadership qualities, Cortland Miller is a quarterback to watch at the Recruit Nation College Prospect Showcase.

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