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Athlete Spotlight: Christopher Parker | Wide Receiver | Mississippi

Christopher Parker is a class of 2025 wide receiver from Houston High School in Mississippi.

Measurables: 5'6, 150lbs

Scouting Report:

  • Hard worker

  • Good speed

  • Coachable

  • Good in coverage

Why did you start playing the game? Was it a person who influenced you? If so, who and how did they influence you? I started playing football in the city league. I enjoyed the sport, and it basically gave me an opportunity to show that I am good at it. I get a lot of tips from my grandpa who once played. I guess you can say he inspires me, and that gives me the chance to create even more memories with him.

What are some of your personal and team goals this season? My personal goal is to work harder and improve in areas that I am weak in. I work towards strengthening and training each and every day. As a team, I would love for us to work hard as a unit, and once we do that, we would all be considered as one.

What would your teachers say about you? My teachers would say I'm a nice and respectful young man.

Who is your favorite player and why? Saquon Barkley. He’s a really great player. I watch him in order to see what I can learn from him and take to the field.

Why should a college coach recruit you in the future? Everyone who steps out on the field has given talent. Not one single person is the same, and I believe that I bring a great aspect to recruiters. I’m coachable, I don’t mind getting out on the field and playing any position, and I’m very outgoing. Most would say they love the game, but I’m definitely one of those players who loves it. My heart is in it.

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