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Athlete Spotlight: Carter Schofield set to Shine at the Recruit Nation Orlando Showcase

We are excited to share that Carter Schofield of Trinity Catholic in Florida will be attending the Recruit Nation College Prospect Showcase in Orlando, FL, on January 21, 2024. As a young quarterback in the class of 2026, Carter stands tall at 6’3” and weighs 167 pounds, bringing a combination of athleticism and skill that is rare for his age. His role as a team leader and his reputation as a hard worker precede him, setting a high bar for performance and sportsmanship. With a high football IQ, good speed, and excellent lateral quickness, Carter is a dual-threat quarterback who can make plays both in the air and on the ground.

His good vision and accurate passing are complemented by a strong arm and a high motor, making him a powerful force on the field.

Carter's coachability is a key asset, indicating his willingness to continuously improve and adapt to the game's evolving demands. His attendance at the showcase represents not just an opportunity for him to demonstrate his talent to scouts and coaches, but also to continue honing his skills against some of the best high school athletes in the nation. We are looking forward to witnessing Carter's development and are confident he will make a significant impact at the upcoming showcase.

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