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Athlete Spotlight: Angel Partida Set to Shine at the Recruit Nation Seattle Showcase

Recruit Nation is proud to announce the participation of Angel Partida, a formidable presence on the defensive line from Pasco Senior High School, at our College Prospect Showcase taking place in Seattle, WA, on May 5, 2024. Angel, who will graduate in the class of 2026, brings a remarkable blend of size and agility to the field, standing at 5' 11" and weighing 205 pounds. His dedication as a hard worker has been evident throughout his high school career, consistently pushing the limits to refine his technique and physicality to dominate the line of scrimmage.

Renowned for his good speed and powerful play, Angel demonstrates a rare combination that makes him a disruptive force against any offense. His ability to be coached, paired with a high motor that never quits, promises continual growth and an elevated game. Angel’s attendance at the Recruit Nation Showcase is eagerly anticipated by scouts and coaches alike, who are always on the lookout for players with not just the physical attributes, but the intrinsic qualities that signify a true athlete ready for the collegiate stage.

Don’t miss the chance to compete at a Recruit Nation Showcase. All participants receive a feature. Register today at

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