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Athlete Spotlight: Alexander Stevens is set to Shine at the Recruit Nation Phoenix Showcase

Recruit Nation is excited to announce the participation of Alexander Stevens, a standout quarterback hailing from a homeschool program in Arizona, in our College Prospect Showcase on February 24, 2024, in Phoenix, AZ. At 5’11” and 125 pounds, Alexander has already made a significant mark on the field as the leading quarterback for Anthem Prep, guiding the team to a MS State Championship in 2023. His leadership skills have been instrumental in his team's success, demonstrating poise and command beyond his years. As a member of the 2029 class, Alexander's early achievements signal a promising trajectory in his football career.

Known for his accuracy and strong arm, Alexander Stevens brings a level of precision to his passes that makes him a significant threat in any offensive strategy. His coachable attitude means he's continuously refining his technique and strategy, a quality that makes him a dream for any coaching staff. Scouts and coaches attending the showcase will be looking closely at Alexander's skills and potential for growth. With his combination of technical skill and natural leadership, Alexander is one to watch at the showcase and in seasons to come.

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