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Athlete Spotlight: Aiden Gibson is Set to Shine at the Recruit Nation Columbia Showcase

Recruit Nation is pleased to announce that Aiden Gibson of Woodruff High School in South Carolina will be a featured athlete at the College Prospect Showcase in Columbia, SC, on April 7, 2024. Gibson, an all-region running back for the 2023-2024 season, boasts a formidable stature of 6’1.5” and 195 pounds, bringing both size and agility to his position. As a leader on the field, he demonstrates exceptional skill with excellent hands and a powerful running style that has been integral to his high school team's success.

Aiden's ability to maintain good vision throughout the game allows him to identify gaps in the defense, making him a constant threat in the backfield. His powerful strides and agility make him a standout player, capable of turning a game on its head with a single play. Gibson’s dedication to the sport and his role as a team leader are attributes that college scouts and coaches at the showcase will be eager to see in action. We look forward to seeing Aiden Gibson’s talent on display as he makes a strong case for his future in collegiate football.

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