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Ashton Halbert is committed to attend the 2024 Dream National Combine in AT&T Stadium

Ashton Halbert to Make a Mark at Dream National Combine in AT&T Stadium

January 2024 promises to be a memorable month for football fans and scouts across the nation. The much-anticipated Dream National Combine is set to take place on January 14 and 15 at the iconic AT&T Stadium, the home turf of the Dallas Cowboys. While there will be numerous young talents showcasing their skills, one name to keep an eye on is Ashton Halbert.

Hailing from Weatherford High School, Texas, Halbert stands out not just because of his skills on the field but also due to his impressive credentials. As a class of 2025 wide receiver, he has already made a mark in his school and local leagues. Despite his 5’7” and 145-pound frame, Halbert packs a punch. His most significant strengths include a high football IQ, excellent hands, remarkable quickness, and raw power. These traits make him a lethal weapon in the hands of any offensive coordinator.


The first day of the Dream National Combine promises to be a whirlwind for participants. It will be a golden opportunity for Halbert to expand his footprint and gain national attention. From having multiple pictures clicked to announce his arrival at the event to building his exposure through social media shares, it will be a busy day.

Further, Ashton will have the chance to showcase not only his on-field abilities but also his off-field character and aspirations. Whether through a video interview or a written article, his profile will undoubtedly be on the National Radar.

The day's proceedings include:

  • Recruiting Seminar: Where the Dream Scouting Network Scouts will enlighten the participants about the essential aspects of recruiting.

  • NIL Workshop: Here, players like Halbert will engage in discussions about potential Dream Brand Ambassador Deals and possible NIL Deals.

  • Meet and Greet: An enviable chance to rub shoulders with former NFL and College stars, gather insights, and maybe even some invaluable tips.

  • College Coach Roundtable: This is where players get firsthand information straight from college coaches. It’s the perfect chance to understand what these coaches are actively seeking in a prospective student-athlete.


The real action unfolds on the second day. This is when Halbert will hit the turf of AT&T Stadium to showcase his skills. Scouts, coaches, and football enthusiasts will be watching closely as he runs routes, makes catches, and displays that powerful explosiveness that sets him apart.

In conclusion, the Dream National Combine is not just an event; it’s a platform. And for young talents like Ashton Halbert, it's an opportunity to announce to the world that they have arrived. So, mark your calendars and ensure you keep a close watch on this young star from Weatherford, Texas.

Visit to register for the Dream National Combine.

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